services and facilities

No distinction is drawn between the facilities of the ITM and those of the Department of Mechanical and MechatronicEngineering. In principle all facilities are available for education, research and professional services. Levels of availability for the various facilities vary, particularly because education and research usually have preferential access to the facilities.

In the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering research activities are done in various fields, including heat transfer, thermal energy systems, turbo-machinery, aerodynamics, gas dynamics, computational fluid mechanics, noise and vibration, finite element modelling of structures (including vibration), analysis of composite materials, modelling of granular flows, plastic processing modelling and machine design, design process optimisation, mechatronics, bio-medical mechatronics, etc.

The Institute for Thermodynamics and Mechanics (ITM), of which all teaching staff are members, is the unit through which the Department offers its research and development expertise as well as test and measurement services to industry. Clients include companies from the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, mining and energy sectors.

Research are being done in different research groups. For more details, please contact the responsible person indicated. If a facility that is not listed here is required, please direct enquiries to the Director.

Research Groups

      Biomedical Engineering
      Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
      Granural Flow Modeling
      Sound and Vibration
      Structural Design and Testing
      Thermodynamics and Fluids

Normal commercial rates are charged for professional services and facility use.

professional consulting services

ITM members offer specialist consulting services over a wide spectrum of mechanical engineering. Please refer to the Personnel page for details on the personnel and their areas of expertise.